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Homeschooled preacher’s kids with finance degrees don’t usually quit their Budget Analyst jobs that provide health insurance to be stand-up comedians, but Andrew Stanley didn't know that. He is now touring all over the country (as well as internationally) performing at clubs, festivals, fundraisers, churches, corporate events, bars with 4 people in them that "didn’t know there would be comedy tonight..." Andrew possesses a unique perspective that pairs well with his dry delivery and observational nature.   He was the winner of the 2017 Search for the South’s Funniest Accountant and in 2019, he was selected as a New Face of Comedy at Montreal’s prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.  Andrew’s parents are still alive so he works clean.


"Andrew did an excellent job at our virtual event. I can't imagine how hard the transition from in-person comedy to Zoom (and riffing off the chats) must be, but he pulled it off with flying colors."

- Rob Forman

President & Chief Strategy Officer



"We gave Andrew 15 minutes in front of our audience of over 8,000 leaders from around the country. I wish we’d given him 30!"  

- Reggie Joiner 

 Founder & CEO of Orange​

“We thoroughly enjoyed having Andrew perform at our brewery.  He was professional, easy to work with, and our crowd absolutely loved him.  Highly recommend.”

- Chris Herron

CEO Creature Comforts Brewing Company

“Andrew performed at our Heart for Africa fundraising Gala and we laughed until we cried. His observations are original and his approach to humor is refreshing.  Laughter is good for the soul, and clean humor is a priceless gift that is hard to find.  Thank you Andrew for bringing joy to a hurting world."

- Janice Maxwell

Co-Founder + COO, Heart for Africa 

"Hosting the wildly successful comedy podcast No Worries if Not with Andrew has been a dream come true. He's engaging, hilarious, and has come into possession of compromising photos of me with a pig carcass in college so I simply have no other choice. Thank you, Andrew! No notes."

- Aaron Chewning

Co-host of No Worries if Not!


"Andrew Stanley is one of my favorite Atlanta comedians. He is not only funny for a comedy club, he is also funny for corporate comedy. To find someone who can do both is very rare."

- Marshall Chiles

Owner, The Laughing Skull Lounge

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